Wedding Planning Essentials


CHRIS, DESIREE HARTSOCKThe moment that a man proposes, the bride to be is meticulously planning the wedding details- if she doesn’t already have it all mapped out. From the moment Chris and I got engaged, we discussed our wedding and what that would look like for us. When you know that you are supposed to be with someone it is hard to have to wait till that wedding day to legally become one. As anxious as a bride can be to marry her groom, the engagement period is just as special. It is important to enjoy the anticipation and the time that you have with each other so that you can enjoy the wedding planning together.

There are so many decisions to be made and options to choose from that it can become overwhelming. With many years of experience working with soon to be brides, I have learned the steps that need to be taken and the lists that have to be made to plan out a wedding. Even with that knowledge I still like to turn to a few organizers and books that help me draw out my thoughts.

To help you with your wedding planning as well, see the books and items below to get you started in the right direction. One of my personal favorites is ‘The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer’ because it is a binder that you can write in for all of the planning necessities.

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