Des’s Weekly: Stress Free


weeklyreminderapril8It is as simple as that! Don’t worry, be happy. It seems easy to do but with the pressure of work, school, relationships and schedules, ‘worry’ has become our best friend. Worry and anxiety come from pressure and stress that we feel from deadlines, expectations, and obligations. There are ways to handle stress so that you can continue to live life in bliss even when things seem hard to bare.

My favorite way to keep stress away is to take a walk. If I am overloaded with my schedule, workload and emails that are piled up, I make sure to take at least a 20 minute break to walk and release any anxiety I may feel so that I can finish my work and complete my day in a good mood.

Whether you feel release from talking with a friend or family member, maybe shopping or taking a long shower. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and takes away the thoughts of work and stress, do it. Even 5 minutes will help clear your mind for a better day.

For a healthy recipe to start off your week, check out this JOYFUL Kale Salad.

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