Bowling for fun or fitness?


Bowling is that family activity that can either bring out the best or the worst in people. I say that because no matter who you are bowling brings out a competitive side to everyone. My parents enjoyed bowling as a family outing when I was younger and even ventured their way into a bowling league of their own. Soon enough I wanted to be like my parents and also joined a bowling league at the age of 5. It seems adorable looking back but I was a 5 year old with the determination of an Olympic athlete. There was no way that the championship trophy wouldn’t be mine.

My competitive spirit may have gotten the best of me because I didn’t win that big 1st place trophy. Instead I grew an appreciation for the wonderful sport of bowlingphoto

Whether you liked bowling as a kid or enjoy to go with friends now, there is no getting around the fact that it is a workout on your body. From the lifting of the ball to the effort of pulling the ball back for momentum to releasing it down the lane, it’s quite the quality workout on your arms and core.

Seriously, next time you are sitting around feeling lazy and sluggish, grab your friends or family and have a fun game of bowling. This activity will keep your body moving, energy flowing and joyful spirit alive.

picstitchFor my 28th birthday on Tuesday I decided to get my friends together for a fun time bowling. What made it even better was dressing in 80’s attire! Themed parties are always the best so I encourage anyone looking for a good time to either (1) go bowling (2) have a 80’s themed party or (3) do both!  I already found some fun options for your next 80’s party below… Or if you just want to go back in time for the day. Enjoy!

Party On!
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