Bridal Hairstyles


Aside from the venue, the date and the dress, the hairstyle is quite important on the wedding list for a bride. It’s important that the hairstyle you choose works well for the weather, location and overall feel of the venue and look that you are going for. You have to ask yourself ‘Is it going to be windy?’, ‘Do I want to change my hair for the reception?’, ‘What if the curls don’t stay’, or worse yet ‘What if a bird poops on my head?’ haha. Just kidding about that last one. That would be the worst thing ever and I truly don’t wish that upon anyone.

You get my drift. The hairstyle is important. With so many different styles to choose from it can be hard to decide on just one so I have broken them down by ‘look’ courtesy of Swink Style Bar in Seattle.

Relaxed half-up, half-down hairstyle. deID1uubFKCeBMfLULGXe3QbgBuY18MjiopLEQNqHNE7lB9TtooRHWtRL90Wt8qddxAi_ExoEHod97JLL-WDzA

This style works well for brides that want to have their hair down but different than their everyday usual hairstyle. Having partial hair pulled back ‘dresses’ the look up and is ideal to keep a veil in place.

Elegant bun or curls.0fZhyKykgzGVu6ZTfRC8nOL_RGSkoL0PHwxx7RogDbUL4UIJYbClM5TsuHzy26V4DZ_jb5JoPBAPld7IqNUZ-Isnw4ljhRG03tfThOhF90MBYeOISW4r1CNUvr0hljg-8

Having the hair pulled tightly back or the curls tightly bound to the back creates a very elegant look and is perfect for a church or ballroom wedding. It fits the feeling of the venue and also creates a beautiful timeless bridal look.

Loose chignon. 


This popular style of bun is great in any hair and for any style of wedding. It has a relaxed, natural nature to it while still being bridal and dressy. Many times brides like this style to the side for a romantic touch.

Hair accessories or flowers add a touch of romance or elegance to any hairstyle.Hair1

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