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The corner across the street from the other corner…Chris!


Ok, ok, ok I’ll stop messing around. I thought it would be funny to start this week off backwards. Why not right? Odds are you are probably following us on both twitter and IG, but maybe your friend isn’t?

Let’s get to it everyone! The quirks post last week was a hit. I want to thank everyone for writing us and letting us know what your crazy, creepy and some just oh so awkward quirks are in your lives. I lost the name of the person who’s quirk I thought was interesting so I will just tell you what it was. One of you responded and said that your quirk is every time someone sneezes or coughs near your hair you have to immediately go home and wash it! Now that is quirky.

On to the topic of the week.

Long Distance Relationships

Have you ever been in one of these? If so let’s talk. Long distance relationships are challenging. There is no way around that. The fact that you are miles away from the person you love makes it hard day in and out to build that relationship. But, there are many ways to keep the spark alive even if you are miles apart. Des and I battled this right away. Plus! We had to keep everything a secret! That made it challenging for us to share our love with one another with the people we cared about, but we did it and are building our relationship everyday. Some of the beautiful things we did when we were apart was cook together. Now you are probably thinking to yourself, “how did they cook together if they weren’t even in the same room? Come on Chris.” FaceTime!!! Yep. Des and I would go to the grocery store together, pick out the same ingredients, then go back home and set up the camera and start cooking. It was as if we were right there together. This gave us the opportunity to get to know how each other cooks and while I couldn’t taste her food or she mine, I noticed that she was good! Usually.

Another recommendation I have would be to make sure you write eachother. If you aren’t sending mail, have something ready when you see them next. If you don’t have the luxury of seeing them for a while, send them letters. Emails don’t have the same personal touch. Text messages are too quick and you should be texting when you can anyway. A letter has more meaning. Letting the other person know how you feel with words is always appreciated. Sometimes poetry works as well haha.

Last, always be thinking about them and get excited for the times when you get to spend together. You will be more happy when you are there with each other and it won’t feel like a honeymoon every time you meet.

Now that I’ve shared some fun things with you it’s time to hear what you do? Do any of you have some fun stories to share or exciting things you do together when you are apart?

Reach out on Twitter or IG with stories or pics and let us know. Sharing is caring haha.

Until next week…

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