Look good in your ‘Birthday Suit’


Well the cat is out of the bag. Today is my 28th birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. Just kidding, I’m ok with getting older because I know that with the years comes wisdom and great memories. I’ve learned a lot since my 5 year old birthday party at McDonald’s.


The passing years can also take a toll on our bodies if we don’t keep up with them and stay active. Believe me, if I don’t work out for a month or longer I can see changes in my shape that I’m not too fond of. In order to keep up with our passing days and gravity that is taking hold, we must work every area of our body. Circuit training is a wonderful way to target every muscle group and limb of your body. This will keep your butt tight and your arms toned for an overall shape you will be proud of.

When I work out with my trainer at Elite Fitness, we are basically doing circuit training and mixing up the weights for an increased workout. The importance is to keep moving to engage different parts of your body. See the ‘Circuit Training’ chart below with a list of workouts to follow that can be done at home. Try to do each activity for one minute or until you can’t do anymore and move on to the next item on the list. Repeat this workout 2-3 times and you will noticeably feel a difference in your muscles and overall energy.


See a few examples below for your reference. workout

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