{Wedding} Liz & Jake


Gold is the new black, and has become a popular color to use as the main focus for weddings. This trend inspired by all things vintage can be done in so many ways that it is an ideal shade to use. Liz and Jake’s wedding showcases this fabulous hue perfectly and brings out the art deco style that these high school sweethearts wanted for their special day. I can’t get enough of the beautiful bouquets and the overall aesthetic of this artistic wedding.

Captured by Ryan Flynn Photography, these photos take us back in time to a golden era and the backdrop for both the ceremony and reception are the perfect setting.

lizjake-w-0009lizjake-w-0002lizjake-w-0011 lizjake-w-0038 lizjake-w-0061

All of the small details that went into their wedding made it special for the couple. Liz says, “I wanted our wedding to feel collected and personalized with an art deco style, through the details we achieved that aesthetic”. From the lace robes that her mom made for her and her bridesmaids, to the runner her sister hand painted, and the different bridesmaids dresses that matched each of their personalities perfectly, Liz achieved her goal. She also wore a vintage gold brooch in her hair that belonged to her great-grandmother and served black cod as a dish for the wedding since Jake works as a fisherman for a commercial black cod company.

I love and enjoy all of the personalized details in their wedding. The little sentiments truly make a wedding special, not only for the couple but also for the guests to take part in.

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It’s really hard to choose just one favorite part of a wedding day, but for Liz sitting down at dinner surrounded by all of her loved ones was her favorite moment. The couple chose to get married at Palace Ballroom because they love Tom Douglas’ food, and the menu designed for their wedding was everything they wanted.

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