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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to Chris’s corner. This week I thought I’d make it short and sweet, although the topic might be a little more sour! …well half of it.

Typically I speak to you about topics I think you’d be interested in, but this time I thought I’d play a little game. Now let’s be clear here. I am making a few basic assumptions. 1 – that you actually read this blog and 2 – that you care to be a part of the next blog!

I am looking for some of the best quirks from our readers. Now I don’t want to know about anything inappropriate like my quirk of walking around the house xxx…if that is a quirk, but I do want to see what you all have to say. One of Des’s endearing quirks is that she is always stubbing her toe, dropping things, running into something or getting a random bruise from who knows what!

The sour part of this corner has to do with those two little things on your feet. Toe Rings! No just kidding. Socks! I am not sure if you were paying close attention to Desiree’s season, but I am a big fan of different colored socks, especially when I have to go all formal! Right now I am wearing crazy rainbow socks with my dress clothes! Yes I am writing this blog while dressed up…duh. Recently, I acquired about 10 different pair of socks from our good friend Mr. Jason Mesnick’s sock company Skyline Socks. Now I am rocking the Seattle skyline in multiple colors. Even though they are more of a casual sock, I wear them with my slacks to work. BECAUSE I DON’T CARE. They still look good.

Since we are on the topic of socks, an old quirk comes to mind. When I was playing professional baseball with the Cubs, I used to have crazy rituals. Yes I used to wash my socks, but I had to wear two pair of socks every time I pitched! Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Did I ever wear just one pair during pitching? No. And it wasn’t two pair of high socks. The first set had to be ankle socks. The second were my Cubs’ blue pair. Everytime. No Excuses.

Ok well I gotta run!

Let me hear your quirks!

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