Des’s Weekly: Peace




The to-do list, work responsibilities, house duties, obligations, appointments, emails, updates, the constant noise and stress around us can all make it challenging to feel at peace and calm throughout the week. It can be hard to find quiet time to think, meditate, pray, reflect and release the pressure and struggles of the day but peace can be found even in the bustle. I find that regardless of a busy schedule, deadlines, or stress, I find a calmness when I take a second to remember the good of the day, week, month or year.

When I think about Chris at work or that my busy schedule comes from doing what I love, I can be glad in my heart and know that the struggle of the day can never overshadow the joy of all that is good. It can be hard to find that inner comfort with life when things aren’t going so well but peace comes with a sound mind and knowing that everything works out exactly the way it is suppose to. ┬áMost of the time the obstacles or things that cause stress are out of our control. Find peace today and this week by reflecting on the happiness in your life and being grateful for where you are. I find that grace brings peace no matter the situation. Have a great week! xo

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