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I am immediately drawn to all things vintage and romantic, so when I first walked into our engagement party I couldn’t help but fall in love with the flower arrangements, designed by Flora Nova Design. Walking into that room was a beautiful dream and Chris became Mr. Gatsby right before more eyes! The flowers were delicately placed with ivory and blush pink roses, and accents of mercury throughout. If you imagine your wedding as romantic, nostalgic, or vintage then see what flowers Christiane, the owner of Flora Nova Design, recommends to get that perfect vintage look.



The most commonly used flowers and foliage for vintage style arrangements include hydrangea, peonies, garden roses, garden spray roses, dahlias, anemones, and ranunculus. These create the most elegant and lush vintage look. Christiane also recommends that the perfect foliage to use for your vintage flower arrangements are Queen Anne’s lace, Dusty Miller, eucalyptus, pieris, or amaranthus to name just a few. I like the idea of Queen Anne’s lace in my flowers-  it sounds so royal, and we just so happen to live in an area called Queen Anne. Coincidence? I think not.

Whether you are looking for a soft or bold vintage look, Flora Nova’s arrangements below will paint your ceremony and reception with pure romance.

Barbie Hull Photography AFlora-Nova-Design - Azzura-Photography BFlora-Nova-Design - Azzura-Photography CFlora-Nova-Design - Azzura-Photography-1 DFlora-Nova-Design - Lucas-Mobley-Photography-1 Jessica and Yongbai Jessica and Yongbai

You can also find more pictures of our engagement party HERE.


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