Bridal Workout {BACK}



No matter what kind of dress you wear for your wedding day, you want to look fabulous and feel the best you possibly can. For the most part dresses show off the arms, decolletage and upper back. A popular trend right now are dresses with interesting backs or no back detail at all, so for that reason I will show you the best ways to get your back into killer shape. With these exercises you will be strengthening your back while helping your posture, and creating a better physique overall.

Let’s start off with weights and an easy motion that will give you the definition you want for your special day. (See photo above) We don’t want to bulk up for our wedding day but rather strengthen and tone our muscles. ┬áStart off with a weight that feels most comfortable and increase the weight with each rep for quicker results.

  • With weights in both hands, sit on edge of bench and lean forward over knees with a straight back. With arms down at each side and weights facing towards the ground, lift up with straight arms to engage your upper back and shoulders. Repeat motion 20x and continue with 3 reps for an added challenge.

backIf you have access to a gym then this is a great resistance workout for arms, shoulders, and entire back.

  1. Step back in an athletic pose (knees slightly bent and quads engaged) until cables are in a good resistance for you.
  2. With the handles, face palms up.
  3. In one motion pull elbows back by your sides
  4. Pull elbows back till you feel your back and arms at full range ( You should feel your entire back working along with your biceps.)

*Repeat 15x with 2 reps for better results

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