Go Backless {SHOP}


I have always been drawn to dresses or tops that have an interesting detail or unexpected look to them. If you have ever seen any of the dresses I have made for myself to wear for special occasions, such as my red lace dress on ‘The Bachelor’ or my silk dress from Sean & Catherine’s wedding, you can guess that I am obsessed with backless dresses. I find something so feminine yet sensual about having the front of a top or dress modest with the back as the focal point.

desirees-dress-back-1391048433Dress from Sean & Catherine’s wedding (iphone pic)

There are so many ways to show off your back, especially after the back workouts I just showed you HERE. Whether it is a slight slit in the back for detail or an entire backless top, these styles are sure to wow your friends, family, significant other or hot date!

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