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MarilynIt’s easy to look into the mirror and find something we don’t find the most attractive about ourselves. It’s inevitable. It’s inevitable because of the pressure and stigma there is to be beautiful, be thin, or look like a supermodel. The problem with that is it’s a facade and most of the photos we see of models and celebrities are photoshopped, which gives us an even more morphed idea of what beauty is. So let’s try not to compare ourselves to other women we deem beautiful because we are all unique, special and created the way we were for a reason. ¬†Whether it stems from the pressure to be perfect or from personal insecurities, everyone struggles with their shape, figure, and appearance at one time in their life. Let’s forget what society tells us is beautiful and KNOW we are beautiful for every body or personality fault, for every pimple, wrinkle, beauty mark, or unique feature. YOU are the BEAUTIFUL one!


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