{Sweden Wedding} Jacob & Emma


I like to think that I am a world traveler and gypset at heart, but truthfully I haven’t been to that many other lands. For that reason I love to come across and feature weddings from other countries! It goes to show that no matter where we are in this world, the importance of love and marriage stays the same. We are all united in that sense and for that I give you a beautiful wedding from Sweden.

Jacob and Emma are that couple that look like the best friends you would have over for any occasion and would always be there with a helping hand. Right? Not to mention that it seems like all of the guests could appear on the next cover of Vogue or GQ. Seriously. Kindness and love is shown in this pair so let us all be inspired today to be kind and loving towards our neighbor. Even the one at work that you may not get a long with. One day won’t hurt and might possibly turn the tables around. Let’s be friends and enjoy this beautiful wedding together.

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