Photo Sharing for Your Wedding {CAPSTORY}


Have you ever been to a wedding or had a wedding of your own and afterwards wished you had access to all of the guests photos to get a more candid view of your beautiful celebration!?! Well now you can with the help of CAPSTORY. Chris and I were excited to use Capstory for our engagement party not only for us to have an array of photos from the night but for our guests to enjoy the party by taking and loading photos that showed up on the live photostream.

Everyone loves instant gratification so the photo sharing during our party was quite the success!
JgURGtIcvQLE_rdECy5lPtBYO7djlBw0CGmeGjCAHjY,sWSbpbZE8bG9A9MiMhABcp3hihHR--vCADGP38hxkG0z17wOGqYPww1zylepk4U8Uaszws_1_Ag71DlijUaGKE,t0F17rMOdBa7rx_2KdZXt7Zj5_mF0LqOykDJDmu_IBg YU6f5LkLytdmiNkeeVmTBj71x-MQ5bXgmQ_TKXvHCEQCapstory is the most highly rated service to capture your guests’ images at your wedding and pre-wedding events, and captures the moments when the photographer isn’t there. When your maid of honor snaps photos of you getting ready, laughing, crying, hugging family, and enjoying your special day, you will want to see those moments. That is why Capstory is such a great tool to use for your wedding day.

How CAPSTORY works:

  • Simple text messaging platform- guests show up and start texting in images they capture, that’s it!
  • Photos can be shown as a live photostream for the day of.
  • Photos are uploaded automatically to your very own ‘Capsule’ where you will be able to view and have professional editing done to them.
  • Keepsake photo books and professional video slideshow all included for the full service solution.
  • Check it out for yourself now at CAPSTORY!

Vq1kGLhoNMxd_7DRKdgk2JkW6NwX9kZo369QuB_OQTE,YcjaeN3qsXuaeVsfBAhlRiZLKxxjtkAuh1pvRBI1-Ck88772PtWtgPA1xJdikNOH63wnXQRKmDhlVewM5d7UfU,KbJIkI7Wk8pwrAL8JucgYqWt5Yd_1hJQKVllO-RQ3YEThis live slideshow view allows guests to enjoy every candid moment on the big screen! Not to mention some of Chris’s friends started to add photos of him from previous years and that definitely got people laughing! _1vWjVZdexGeLK73GLMM8BuftSsSJf-3tj98vF1zM7gSince using Capstory for our party was so much fun I want to make sure you get to experience it too! Check out more photos from Our Engagement Party  and see the Capstory experience.

Two LUCKY winners will win their very own Capstory capsule!!


  • Visit Capstory’s Facebook page HERE
  • LIKE and SHARE their most recent blog post with the caption ” Capstory is the perfect way to collect images from every guests’ perspective!”
  • Comment as to how you would use Capstory for your own special day. (What is a pre-wedding event or day-of memory you would like to capture?)
  • Winners will be chosen and notified on March 21st, 2014.

You won’t regret entering and I wish you all the best!


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