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chris-cornerIt’s that time of the week where you get to hear it from this guy!

Well this is a Juance in a lifetime chance to let you know how I truly feel about those three little words “I Love You.” Because I know all of you watched this season, because I know all of you watched the final episode and because I know that all of you heard what Juan Pablo did not say – let’s talk about it!

The words “I love you” are deep. They validate actions, feelings and emotions you have for that special someone in your life and are not to be taken lightly. Saying “I love you” is a giant commitment and you want to make sure that the recipient knows you mean it and feels it. Personally, I am not an advocate for saying those three words unless you are at point in your relationship where you can see that it could be a FOREVER relationship. It is a commitment and an everlasting love. When I said “I love you” to Des on her season I knew that what we had was special and I wanted to make sure she knew how I felt. I even wrote a poem about it! I’ll share that with you next week in case you forgot it. I knew she couldn’t reciprocate her feelings, but that is what I signed up for! I signed up for the possibility to find love and for Des to see a future in me. I was not upset when she did not say it back to me, but I did have the confidence in us that she felt that same way. Do you remember where we were when I told her I loved her?

Love is passion. Love is joy. Love is that feeling you have when your significant other is gone and you can’t imagine what it would be like if they were to never come back. It is eternal and therefore not something to throw around like a ball. If you truly love your partner, let them know it. Let them know you want them to be your forever. Find out how serious they are. Don’t hold it against them if they don’t respond the same way you feel. At least you know they know how you feel and that they are important to you. Be open in your relationships. Communicate. Share feelings. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain with being open and honest.

I love you


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