‘The Bachelor’ Finale & AFR {Recap}


Last night’s finale was beyond words. I honestly don’t even know where to begin because everything about it was so unromantic and the complete opposite of what the show and opportunity is about. This is a hard one to put into words because deep down to the core Juan Pablo does mean well and is a good person to those he befriends. From witnessing his dating life and interactions with the women there is definitely more to him that friends most likely would never see.


These last dates are supposed to be extremely special and intimate in order to focus on the relationship at hand and know what the future would look like with that person. Questions have to be asked and concerns have to be addressed in order to make a decision and be confident in that decision. It’s not like what kind of topping you want on your ice-cream or who will be a fun hookup for a night. This is a life changing and important decision that must have got lost in translation on Juan’s part because (from what we saw) questions were never asked that would have helped him know the ladies more or know if they would be right for him.

This was shown when he had a silent moment to tell Clare anything in that helicopter and what he said was that he “doesn’t feel like he knows her or that she knows him well enough” along with an inappropriate comment I’m glad they didn’t share, although I’m actually really curious to know. Will we ever find out? I highly doubt it.

I’m fine with the fact that maybe Juan isn’t an expressive person in general or doesn’t like to share emotion or compliments because there are many men that are the same way and I definitely don’t hate him for being himself.  It is that the entire aspect of being the lead on ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’ is to allow viewers to follow along on your journey to find love. A lead can’t be close-minded or afraid to open up because that’s when all hope is lost and it becomes hard to watch. He holds no regard to the lack of validation shown to these women that he supposedly liked and for that I feel bad for all parties involved. He is not a bad person at all but maybe wasn’t the best fit for a position that consisted of sharing feelings.

My heart went out to Clare as he broke hers but I am so glad that she was able to get the closure she needed by standing up for herself. She is a beautiful woman and I truly hope she finds a man that will love her for all that she is, and not demean her by focusing only on her looks. All the best Clare, you deserve it!

abc_bachelor_nikki_ferrell_kb_140311_4x3t_384I completely understand the time frame is short on the show and in most cases people don’t get to the “I love you” phase till at least 3-6 months in, but with that said this is NOT a normal situation. Every date or moment together is accelerated in the fact that you don’t have any distractions and the conversations pass the typical BS from night one and get straight to the point. That is why this opportunity works and why I have found Chris and other past relationships have worked out as well.

It was really hard to watch Juan give Nikki the final rose without telling her anything that would indicate stronger feelings for her. I don’t feel that he should be forced to say that he loves her if he doesn’t feel it because then that would definitely feel and be insincere, but at the same time more romantic or loving words weren’t expressed before she accepted the rose and for that I was a bit disappointed. It could be that it is difficult for him to articulate his feelings since the English words may not come to him but even then I’m not sure. She deserved to hear more than what he gave her regardless of if it was in English or in Spanish.

As much as it was uncomfortable to watch from the safety and comfort of your home, experiencing the conversations and defense on the hot seat at AFR was more than I could handle. I have been in Juan Pablo’s shoes so I understand that having so many opinions swirl around about you and having no privacy is very difficult and the last thing you want to do is re-hash everything that happened months ago. Although it’s extremely hard to go through, there is at no point where anyone in that position should be ungrateful or disrespectful to those that brought them there. There is obviously animosity between Juan and his feelings towards the show that was clearly expressed in his interactions with Chris Harrison. It’s truly too bad that it couldn’t have been a better experience for everyone.

As for the happy couple, I do wish them all the best. Everyone will have their opinion, but in the end if Juan Pablo and Nikki are happy in their relationship and can look past the negativity that will surround them for a little while then that is ALL that matters. No one is to judge or make them feel bad for ‘loving’ or ‘really liking’ each other. Relationships are meant as a way to learn and grow with each other so I hope everyone who reads this can refrain from blasting negative remarks to Nikki & Juan Pablo and allow them the time to grow naturally.  To each its’ own.


On a better note… Andi is the NEW BACHELORETTE!! and I couldn’t be more excited for her. I was able to talk to her a little bit last night and my only hope is that she comes out of this with the love of her life as a happily engaged woman! Blessings and prayers to her as she meets her 25 eligible men. Good luck Andi!

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