Engagement {Brittany & Josh}


Seattle is my home and I’m proud to call it home for so many reasons. The lush greenery in the Summer, the active city at night, the beautiful Puget Sound, lakes everywhere, and the incredible hikes are all reasons why I have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. This engagement shoot by Barnwood & Brick is a trip around Seattle that shares subtle backdrops of different spots in the area that many locals and visitors have come to love.

Britt&Josh-2 Britt&Josh-8 Britt&Josh-72 Britt&Josh-69 Britt&Josh-68 Britt&Josh-67One of the most intriguing things about Brittany and Josh is that they have been together since high school! How adorable is that! Even during the shoot when asked if they have ever broken up within the 8 years they have been together, Josh quickly responded with a “Nope, we were lucky enough to experience growing up together without ever growing apart!” Love is definitely in the air with these two and I’m thinking it’s contagious living in Seattle but I’m also being bias. I just adore these two love birds.
Britt&Josh-47 Britt&Josh-9594edited Britt&Josh-9585edited Britt&Josh-9540edited Britt&Josh-9527edited Britt&Josh-9515edited Britt&Josh-9425edited Britt&Josh-9407edited Britt&Josh-9383edited Britt&Josh-0437edited Britt&Josh-0382edited Britt&Josh-0374edited Britt&Josh-146 Britt&Josh-125 Britt&Josh-119 Britt&Josh-108 Britt&Josh-96 Britt&Josh-87 Britt&Josh-79

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