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chris-cornerI’m back!

I am sure you are all as excited about this week’s corner as I am. I am going to keep this short and sweet. After being on a reality TV dating show, I figure I could offer some dating advice. After all, I did choose every single date I went on with Desiree while on the Bachelorette…

This is all from personal experience and may or may not work. Do try this at home. Let’s assume you’ve met a girl already and after a week or so of texting, calling (who calls anymore), Facebooking, etc. you decide to muster up the courage to ask her out on a date. Make sure you don’t come off too aggressive on the phone. Yes, I think you should call her on the phone at this point and ask her out on a date. Do not text. Do not text. Do not text her and ask her out on a date. Man up and call. Be polite and act like a gentleman. Let her know that you are interested in her by bringing something up that she said you may share an interest in, then tell her that you would like to get to know more about her in person.

IMG_4985First dates should always involve an activity of some sort where you are forced to talk. You want to get to know her and you want her to get to know you. If you are in a movie you won’t be able to talk. If you go get ice cream after that movie you most likely will be talking about the movie you just watched. Lame. Take her on a hike. Walk around a trendy area in the city. Take her to the park where you can find great people watching. Grab a coffee, beer, glass of wine with her. All of these activities are going to provoke communication by the both of you.

des-and-chris-madeira-1373566441Personally, I would take her on a hike, bring a bottle of wine or your favorite beer or coffee in a bag, don’t tell her you have it in the bag, then post up at a really cool point on the hike and share a drink together away from people. That, to me, is romantic, spontaneous and is going to keep her interested in what else you have to offer. But remember, you still have to listen, ask good questions, let her know you are listening. Did I say you have to listen? Too often we find ourselves wanting to respond to something the other person says before they are done without even fully listening to them. A girl appreciates when you are actually paying attention. Don’t get me wrong, I forget things that Des tells me all the time. But, I still try hard to listen and stay engaged in conversation with her!

I hope this helps some and I hope you enjoy Chris’s corner every week. Thumbs up if you do, thumbs down if you don’t! Actually, a response on twitter would let me know you are actually listening. I will do my best to respond too!

See you around the corner.


Ps. If you go on a date and actually do anything I just mentioned, be sure to tell her you thought of it on your own!


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