‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Women Tell All}

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It’s never easy to have all of your exes in one room criticizing your every word and move. Especially when every ex gets to watch what you said and did with other girls! Yes, it’s an extremely unorthodox way of dating and each season tends to be the same, yet as women we still can’t understand the rejection. It seems as though many of the women were infatuated with Juan during their stay on the show but after watching back they had a change of heart. Honestly, if he didn’t want to kiss a few he shouldn’t have used his daughter as a scapegoat, but at the same time he just wasn’t into them and that’s hard for many to except. It’s hard to say ‘sorry I just don’t want to kiss you right now because I’m actually going to send you home this week’ but then it’s also hard to not want to kiss the ones you’re most attracted to. Either way it’s a different type of dating situation that doesn’t have a rule book and the lead has to do what feels right for him or her.


Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo could pass as brothers… or at least long lost cousins.

bach7-1393447216Renee is the sweetest person ever and was so calm and collected on the hot seat with Chris Harrison. She took everything so well when Juan sent her home and she makes it clear that she doesn’t have any hard feelings. It’s great to hear that she is happy and in a good ‘situation’. I’m also excited to know that she is making a home here in Seattle! Can’t wait to catch up with her and grab some coffee. I hope she likes the rain!

bach5-1393447216Sharleen is such a well put together, classy women and I appreciate her modesty and elegance. I feel like Juan and Sharleen still have undeniable chemistry and it was nice of her to stand up for him regarding the equality comments.

tn-500_135031_5518_pre.jpg.pagespeed.ce.7tcuq22pCMAndi stayed true to how she felt about Juan the day she decided to go home and didn’t let what happened in the fantasy suite down. It’s understandable how he made her feel and I think that she won’t have any problem finding a guy that will be her prince charming. She wins for the best look of the night with that color and style of dress. Since she has been a fan favorite throughout this season, I am speculating that she will be the next Bachelorette. What do you think?

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