Our Engagement Party


Engagements are such a special time in a couples’ life to reflect on the moments of dating that got them to where they are, and to look forward to the nuptials to come. Chris and I have enjoyed being engaged so much! It truly creates a deeper bond in a relationship to plan a future and wedding together. We had our engagement party last weekend hosted by Capstory, to celebrate our love and upcoming wedding with friends and family. The party at Delille Cellars in Woodinville, WA was more than we could have ever expected and I am still smiling from it! THIF7UTmtOzM3eAqOyMfggDyTSwrVTXNxFOp39qBPyU,DoXkC9bUw-O-x2SQZRnTQdyEppTrh0a4Z5-fxCf6RKUsP9_ONUEX1Te2stnEYTe6ecEGNfiHF9AinGhoMzAAa4,xC19lA_7hWR8F4CkL0EYMKMAvdB94cg9uCQIoXg-N4g4QEJYNnHWnvtv1agg9ngEKP_uZm3aMirj1BimBqMSP8gGyYE8DnwH4rQ16oim9X1e3rp5Tyc8z0qU7Bi-rbWSE84e4h9r3fnSuJESYrunmojsIIboU2IRrGxISMBetwuc,kXpf5_KtWURsJfdMFcMAr_tiGDtwWxsWdMY1kUfD2kkFGB3_VDCylvhbNtia-i-e-8DX-GoVOfTzQ_eK2rCSKAsL2kQlgr23OPp5y4n12xx5vIpHQL3Z3jVzLodD3qI-8Q7cvliinnTm6JkRjF_arx45OZw8JKUDrgbd1cHyhHMY,3DSn-KJF96a4wF4hNqc4BHU4Bg5RTwszM8LjfCuEMiYrlyVXsi2psLjAuvfFWBee18Y5PYT1rt13o38dl346Vk,bV_QEg1T9mDzLQTXRtb1OBgL01ZNU3_YJ2ZxNyL4LbcThe incredible invites, menu, and name cards were created by Natural Impressions Design and added such an elegant touch to our party. The lazer cut detail is so romantic, yet very artistic which I absolutely love! The flowers by Flora Nova were everything for this space and paired beautifully with the vintage decor by Vintage Ambiance. I couldn’t stop oohh-ing and ahhh-ing at everything! Also it meant everything to me to share this special celebration with my parents that came all the way from Ohio to be with us.3JoVFN84U00x65hysEHxqy1dj6NvRIJmRMyRmRh1rvkEhEMjWEr5pGbA56IdozRH4Fnetv_rI0cFJ0NLWn6OkUAN3-YmZiefmoWmggL2Sk6EyhemuRCUFupDmIPN1yS-o670-qEMp_DzWO75NUmm3SOlD47O-WyTytTRYcEhZxwUIgvqC85w4F0ZrT68M9pfxS7pOlKfmK6OyIukmr0mtJw,yS8CiRsBMORYA-sXHkdlEGfzOI0WQufwd1yvi1iMQT4bqQl8rHN0tVYZp1kdmNJAMCQqTZIPzrTNSbgjXCf0RM,VxZOOK_DFtxQiDcmk35mJCkYq-vR1U5xMKIcDXTt93IT2RgDuUCmTzkWnt38sOt7sF5yfwwpbPVAYyWJ1dUctU,LudZCLOGhNt-EOt8tZHQeT1oa2sxnrmJXZ0LBNmS4JoI enjoy personal details and was over joyed when I saw this vintage style chalk board with lines from a poem Chris wrote to tell me for the first time that he loved me.

qdf4rTlrA8EB5sWJVLeTIqB7NVR7i8G5ExgnGCGhlcc,laf30IxLK1iUQMfaYEvXyPQ15kxe4j1NNPK1XaGaGs0nBzwSabycHB_KGIrX_lUT4RbEkK1Wl_7zsJjkBYDF00iXn9sneIa7zAo3TxaRZuMwrYUfLue-Jy4LYoLYP3d2w,9B5RAQKJ5MlEUcfIKvPJdMm95oXqI86UY34wcyV103sVdNypJfs7eixdvQQR7cbhHr6cQi8vhELXvDiFdIYqt8cpkpzx7c8v_MQaJbcGGulgvlSm03xD8_p95yTLxQAeAVq1kGLhoNMxd_7DRKdgk2JkW6NwX9kZo369QuB_OQTE,YcjaeN3qsXuaeVsfBAhlRiZLKxxjtkAuh1pvRBI1-Ck ngFWNnuqZ4ayCzp-3LiFRC8RTS7j2Y2V-m17NzxfrZo,7hWE0I7wuZwgom1yoW__9exm1WRFrTJ1bfbdBJXTvrg88772PtWtgPA1xJdikNOH63wnXQRKmDhlVewM5d7UfU,KbJIkI7Wk8pwrAL8JucgYqWt5Yd_1hJQKVllO-RQ3YEU5kCXUU7GozZv3JS2Rl_X0EmU28u2LejrkwmZ2v_vyw,R8UDqyAKRne2u3vL3eZEvfa65CxFRjehUbAGXCuYf4sI have to say that this Dungeness crab pot pie by Blue Ribbon was to die for! I’m not kidding… I will forever crave these things, they were SO good! rlZei_kIJqYFXdopw45YzIH5wZjIplwPEt_HWTzu_lQHZJsYKLjuqYSp5zq5svVTpIPXj2klfleFFnOB7umUTw,BUzNcYdy_9-l6BI-UPb98HZKB_RPIYLFBN2kwr5OFp4ReIjNrAbEIW6LqXySAHQCKDg2XxL09eUs27FF8zLVDY1xPDjRLDhFdbERvx5dhcRfrTQoTw5thcnquG_ghx9OY,GW598cIJVPxACJL1fnRMSstVCS-rknYrnOcDDD_0PLQ_1vWjVZdexGeLK73GLMM8BuftSsSJf-3tj98vF1zM7gAll of the guests were encouraged to take and upload pics to our Capstory ‘capsule’ for us to have as a virtual photo album of the party ( and some past memories of Chris (as you can see) haha!). It was also a treat for everyone to watch their photos get posted on screen during the party. It was out of this world magical and we felt so lucky to have such an incredible party. Can’t wait to celebrate with more friends and family at our wedding to come!

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