{Chris’s Corner} Bridal Party


chris-cornerWell let’s just say this week was a week of drama. I know you all watched the two day special of the #Bachelor @BachelorABC #It’sOk and most likely want to hear my opinion or take on both episodes. I’ve decided to cave in and do it. This corner will only be about the thing you all want to hear about…from me…this week…with so. much. drama. Bridal Parties!

You know what I mean? Bridal parties have to be the most drama filled choice of your wedding planning. Let’s break it down for a second. You have all of these friends from now to years passed and you can only have 2-10 (10 if you can foot the bill) friends that can be in your wedding party. If it were up to me I would have at least 20 guys standing up there by my side in the trenches (just kidding, I love you babe). But, I have to narrow it down to a select few without hurting some of my friends’ feelings.

I am obviously going to have my brother in my wedding because he has been there since the early days of soccer. Then there is the tradition of having your significant other’s brother/sister in your party…check. Now it’s time to figure out who the rest of the guys will be. If you follow any of my social media you will have an idea of who will be in the wedding #seflies #withfriends @taggingfriendsinpicturesalways. At the very least the guys I choose will be guys that have been there for me and with me through the growing years of my life. We’ve partied together, never cried together, battled together and argued together and are still friends.

As I’m writing I’m thinking about the guys who will be in the wedding – obviously – and this just came to me. Why do I have to worry about how my friends are going to act/react if I don’t choose them. Everyone should just be happy that I am getting married and that we all get to celebrate together. Yes you want to have a bridal party and yes the guys/girls mean something to you, but it’s also a formality.So let’s take this corner this week full speed and say that no matter who you choose or who’s feelings you hurt – “It’s OK.” 

See you around the bend.


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