‘The Bachelor’ recap {Andi Leaves}


image I know everyone has their opinion about what happened last night on ‘The Bachelor’ and everyone is entitled to feel however they want about Juan Pablo.  I’m not going to lie though, I’m pretty indifferent on the situation and may play the devil’s advocate on this one.  The fantasy suite date is extremely important because it is the only time you get to spend with someone away from the cameras and see more of their personality and quirks.  I know everyone may assume that all they do in fantasy suites is get physical but it’s quite the opposite. Time is so precious that the needed alone time to talk can make a huge difference in seeing someone as just a fling or as a serious life partner.

Clare had her date first and it went seemingly well. They discussed her family and how they both felt about the introduction. I feel like these two naturally bring out each other’s personalities and he is definitely comfortable around her.  You can see the joy in Juan’s eyes when Clare tells him that she “loves falling in love with him” so I’m thinking he feels the same.

Now onto the majority of the show last night. Andi seemed to be smitten with Juan Pablo when she was with him during their date, but a lousy overnight stay with someone can change everything, regardless of the circumstances. My first take on the situation was not at all what I had anticipated. My Twitter feed was full of anti-Juan comments but I actually think he handled himself just fine Or at least better than what I thought it would be. He was honest so I can appreciate that, even if that’s not what we wanted to hear. So often men sugar coat what they feel and just say what we want to hear. Yes, the ‘es okay’ is annoying but he genuinely didn’t see that as not listening so ignorance got the best of him. I’m not sure what happened in the suite but if all he did was talk about himself  then I can see the frustration and disgust Andi feels. That is a very unattractive trait and does signal the lack of caring.

I honestly think the expectations for Juan were set pretty high by his charming good looks and last night’s ordeal let people down. Anyone that watched my season should know that not much was expressed by Juan and that he wasn’t going to be the guy writing poems, singing sonnets, or sharing his feelings so those things shouldn’t have been expected of him. It is tough to be in the shoes of the bachelor/ bachelorette because opinions will be placed when choices, actions and words aren’t what we want or expect to hear but we can’t hate if he’s being himself, even if we don’t understand it. Overall I don’t agree with the lack of listening on his part and do think Andi will meet someone great because she is completely deserving of that and a pretty awesome girl. Maybe she will even have 25 great men to choose from?

By this point, I had known how many kids chris wanted, what his life goals were, where he wanted to settle down, what his past relationships were like and what he has learned in his life. I don’t see that type of emotional connection being developed yet with the ladies because questions aren’t being asked like Andi said. I do hope that the next few weeks help bring clarity for Juan to find what he is looking for.

Fashion note: Loved Nikki’s rose ceremony dress, coral color and turquoise necklace. Beautiful combination!

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