‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Hometown Dates}


It can be nerve wrecking to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend’s family for the first time but it is especially hard when the family knows you are still dating 3 other people! I felt extremely lucky to have met the families I did on my season of ‘The Bachelorette’ because they were all so kind and understanding of the situation. But with that said, I can see why family members are protective and want to make sure their son or daughter doesn’t get hurt since the probability is much higher than in a monogamous relationship.

I always love watching the hometown dates because it is the only time that you get to see where these ladies come from and what makes them the way they are. Also it is obvious how comfortable they feel when they are with their family and can just be completely themselves.


Nikki’s hometown date wasn’t very eventful or exciting but it was drama free and that’s a great sign. It did seem that her family was very supportive of their relationship and that is important if it is going to work out. I loved her dad so much, he was so sweet and logical about the entire situation. Overall a positive hometown date and I’m sure Juan Pablo felt good about possibly seeing her family again.


I love that Andi came out with blazing fire and had Juan accompany her to the shooting range. A great way to let off some stress before meeting her family. Andi’s father came off strong and skeptical, but in good reason.  He only wants what is best for his daughter and it’s normal for him to want to wait and see if Andi is going to be the one for Juan before giving a blessing. It is hard for Andi to be in this position though because in normal settings your boyfriend doesn’t have other families to compare to. Since a few other family meetings went well for Juan Pablo, this could be a deciding factor for him if he feels he isn’t welcomed into Andi’s family.


I love Renee. I think she just seems like such a down-to-earth, easy going, kind person that is always herself. It’s sad to see her go but it all works out for the better and I know she will be just fine. She handled being sent home exceptionally well and that showed her maturity and understanding, even when she knew she loved him at this point. It was touching to see how excited she was to see her son and I wish her all the best!


From the moment these two see each other you can see the chemistry and attraction. He is the most affectionate and comfortable with Clare and to me they seem the most like a natural couple at this point. His body language is always engaged towards her and I think that passion is important for a relationship to last. Clare’s family cares deeply for her and since she is the youngest, it is easy to sense the protective nature of her sisters’. The stories and memories of her father get me every time. The love she has for her father shines through when she speaks of him and that is very touching. Laura could have been more understanding of the situation and let Clare talk with her mother alone but sometimes family members think they know best. And for the most part, they kind of do! I do think Clare is much more confident away from the other girls and that could be really good for their relationship to grow. We will see what happens.


As for the fashion from the dates, see my top 3 below.

1.) Clare’s pink rose ceremony dress (stunning on her)

2.) Nikki’s black & white rose ceremony dress  (flattering on her)

3.) Nikki’s lace top from the date


Excited to see what happens tonight in the Fantasy Suites!

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