‘The Bachelor’ 2014 AWARDS!


In honor of the two-day Bachelor extravaganza this week, I am starting the week off with my very own ‘Bachelor 2014 AWARDS’!

Check out the winners!

Most likely to not wear a bra: Lucy


Most positive: Chelsie

Most likely to become a supermodel: Cassandra

Most likely to give a helping hand: Renee

Most likely to start a fight: Clare & Nikki

Most likely to win in a fight: Andi

Most confused: Sharleen


Most likely to make you laugh: Kelly

Most resemblance to a past Bachelorette: Nikki

Most likely to live on a stranded island: Renee

Most likely to run for president: Andi

Best style: Sharleen

Best facial expressions: Clare


Best eyes: Renee

Best one-liners: Kelly

Best hair: Clare

Best for Juan Pablo: ??????? We will find out.

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