Bridal Workout {Arms}


Luckily, with being active by walking, running, and playing sports I have been able to maintain muscle definition in my arms without lifting massive weights or doing a million pull-ups. Actually I can’t even do a pull-up! They are so hard. Since I do want to look and feel my best this year for bikini season and my wedding, I have worked a bit harder in getting my arms toned the best I can. With the help of Elite Fitness and Bar Method, my arms and posture have never been better.

Des & Lindzi // The Bar Method

Bar Method has been great for toning my arms in ways I never thought possible. In the beginning to warm up we do use very light weights which tones many specific posture muscles but it’s also the push-ups and planks that get the biceps and triceps burning. Great way to tone arms if you don’t like to lift heavy weights.

I train at Elite Fitness about twice a week and am always pushed to give each workout my all, which can be hard to do in the moment, but I always love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. With a huge variety of techniques, Dave targets each muscle in my arms with weights and bands. I can feel the muscle toning during each workout and while I’m toning my arms these techniques also strengthen my back, which is an added bonus. Check out a few workouts below to try on your own!


  1.  Attach a band to a sturdy surface or equipment.
  2. Take one step back and bring back flat with chest and chin up.
  3. Bring elbows up and to side.
  4. Pull bands directly back to target your triceps.
  5. Repeat motion 20 times. arms


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