‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Episode 7}


bachelorWhat an episode of ‘The Bachelor’ that was last night! Filled with cattiness, romance, doubts, and a ‘shocking’ exit by Sharleen. The perfect recipe for a producers dream, and it all came together so beautifully. Really! I enjoyed the episode and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens at each hometown. If you ever saw my hometown date during Sean’s season then you know that anything can happen, and family members don’t always have filters when it comes to what they feel is best for their daughter/ sister.

Let’s get back to the episode and break down my thoughts on the relationships and the ladies left.

the-bachelor-the-foreseen-withdrawal-and-a-big-fightOh Sharleen. Her leaving wasn’t much of a surprise but I am glad that she was honest with herself and decided to leave before both families got involved or before Juan’s feelings got stronger for her. You might think she shouldn’t have waited this long to leave but when you’re in the situation and struggling internally with your feelings, it’s easier to say than actually do. It’s not everyday your boyfriend is dating multiple women (I sure hope not!) so the struggle and feelings happen differently than in a monogamous relationship. I think deep down she has her own walls to climb and I can respect her for telling him the truth.

nikki-farrell-on-the-bachelorI couldn’t stop smiling during Juan’s date with Nikki. I loved the idea of this date because it is what a normal day would be like in a relationship with Juan. His daughter Camila is so ADORABLE and although it may not be fair to the other girls that Nikki got to meet his family, he must have chose her for a reason and there’s no hate for that. The one thing that stands out when Juan is with Nikki is their great communication. Nikki asks the right questions and doesn’t let the attraction take over the foundation of their relationship which can make for a strong and lasting love. We learn the most about him and his thoughts during his dates with Nikki and I like that she brings that out of him. She is becoming more and more of a favorite for Juan.

1392685621_juan-pablo-galavis-andi-467Andi is a chill girl and I like her realness. The only thing that may be getting in the way in their relationship is her insecurities with how Juan feels about her. It’s easy to have doubt when there are other girls involved so it’s understandable. He is comfortable with Andi, and their friendship and bond is apparent. I’m interested to see how their relationship pans out and from the previews for next week, I just want to know what happens in the fantasy suite! Whatever it is, Andi seems like a strong woman that will make the most of this experience if she doesn’t end up with Juan.

bach6-1392240249I love Renee’s kind spirit and how laid back she is. She doesn’t let the drama in the house affect her and doesn’t let doubts set in. She is solid and knows who she is. Her relationship with Juan though is a bit behind the other girls that are left and although they have a lot in common with being single parents, I’m not sure the passion makes up for it. I wish it did! She seems like she would be a fun and caring wife but hopefully it all works out for her in the end.


Clare. I have seen many opinions on social media about Clare and I think it’s unfair to criticize so easily. It is obvious that she is in love with Juan and gets jealous when he is with the other girls but she is also human. Her jealousy seems to come from insecurities that may stem from past relationships, the pressure to find ‘the one’ since she is the last single daughter of 6, the loss of her father, or personal insecurities that make her seem needier than the others. She has many other qualities that would make for a great spouse too that may get overlooked. Her need for love is so apparent that all I can hope for is that if Juan doesn’t end up with her, she can move on knowing that she is still deserving of a great love.

Just like everyone else out there in search for ‘the one’.

JUAN PABLO GALAVIS, CHELSIESo sad to see Chelsie go! She is a positive soul that was refreshing to see amongst the ladies in the house. Her smile and love for life is so infectious, and although I didn’t really see Juan ending up with her, I know she will be just fine.

Until next week…


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