{Chris’s Corner} Valentine’s Day



Hey hey! Many thanks to you for visiting Chris’s corner again. It happens once a week so always, always stay tuned for the latest from my mind, but do you know what does not happen once a week? VALENTINE’S DAY!

It actually only happens once a year making it one of the most revered and special holidays any woman could ask for. That is why I’ve decided to go against the grain and celebrate it the day after! No just kidding. Des and I are actually going to have a two day celebration filled with comfort, exploration, food and spirits…chocolate too!You may be asking yourself, “What does Chris think about Valentine’s Day? Is this an important holiday to him?” Well let me answer your question.

To me, Valentine’s Day means as much to me as it does to my fiancĂ© Des. If she loves it, I love it! Good answer? Valentine’s Day is important because it allows you, the man or woman, to show your appreciation for your significant other. It gives you yet another opportunity to express how much they mean to you. You do not have to shower your loved one with roses, chocolates, teddy bears, gifts, etc. Sometimes kind gestures such as holding their hand, giving them a hug and kiss and letting them know how much you care for them is enough. Sometimes a poem will suffice! Too often we, as a society, get caught up in the gift exchange during holidays that we lose track of the meaning behind the gift or the true intention.

Words of affirmation can sometimes mean more than materials gifts. Affection can mean more than material gifts. Just let your partner know you love them and mean it.Des and I will be sharing a very special day Friday night and a great adventure Saturday! Stay tuned to find out more of how our Valentines weekend will go.

Have fun. Enjoy your weekend to come. AND Happy Valentine’s Day!


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