{Flowers} for Summer


Flowers play an important part on a wedding, setting the tone for for the the location and season while adding color and life to any room. Find out what flowers go best with a Summer wedding, to help you plan the perfect flower arrangements for your special day.Sinclair-Moore-Valentine-inspiration-23-750x750Husband and wife team, Steve and Jamie Moore, have set out to conquer the wedding planning world with his keen eye for style and her ability to flawlessly plan details. As part of their wedding planning business Sinclair and Moore Events, Steve arranges all of the bouquets and centerpieces himself, making him my very own flower expert. See what flowers he recommends for a Summer wedding, along with a few ways to decorate.

SUMMER Summer 5 Summer 4 There are so many amazing textures to use in the summer and the colors are plentiful.  Blackberries are fresh on their vines.  Farm fresh garden roses are in full bloom.  Dahlias are just coming into the picture. Orchids thrive because of the warmer air.  I also like using textures like flowering scabiosa, scabiosa pods and black eyed anemones.Summer 3 Summer 2

Sinclair and Events is having a pop-up flower shop this Friday for Valentines Day so if you are in the Seattle area, please stop by and check out their incredibly flowers! Information below.

Also to find out what my favorite bouquets are, check out my selections on Loverly HERE

popupAlso to find out what my favorite bouquets are, check out my selections on Loverly HERE

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