‘The Bachelor’ Recap {Episode 6}


As Juan Pablo’s journey for love continues on, the emotions and feelings are rapidly growing. It is amazing the turns and twists that can take place during filming and now we are at ‘that’ point where all of the remaining ladies have definitely developed feelings for Juan and have mentally prepared themselves for the possibility of starting a family with him. Sharleen may be the exception to that and should definitely leave if she isn’t feeling it. Roses have been replaced with make-out sessions by this point to indicate who’s moving on. Let’s replay some of the highlights from last night’s episode.


New Zealand is a magical land! The scenery and vibrance of the greenery is breathtaking. I give New Zealand MVP award for last night’s episode.

juan-pablo-and-andiDates in the water are always fun and sexy so I loved the waterfall and caves on Andi’s date. She seems like a cool chick and can hang with the boys but we will see if her insecurities about him will get the best of their relationship. It’s a tough position to be in and I can understand (lived it) the highs and lows of dating a man who is growing relationships with 7 others, but as Bachelor history has shown us the most confident ones (in the relationship) last the longest. Side note: I think she may be the first girl in Bachelor history to have worn a one-piece bathing suit on a date. It did her justice and was appropriate for this type of date though, so I can appreciate the modesty.


The Balls of Fury! The group date looked like so much fun and from the attention he is giving Nikki, you can tell she’s one of his favs. I felt terrible for Cassandra being sent home but it was for the best since he didn’t see a future with her, and so she could be with her son. She is such a sweetheart and will have no problem finding a good man to love her. At 22, she is still so young!

Moving on to Clare. They had a rocky end to last week’s rose ceremony but their chemistry continues to live on and it’s obvious he is smitten by her. ┬áTheir relationship seems to be the most developed of any at this point but the greatest thing about the process is that you never know what tomorrow will bring or the feelings that will develop when you least expect it. His relationships with Nikki, Renee, and Andi could very well surpass what has already been formed with Clare. Sharleen is on the out (from what we see) and Chelsie’s relationship with him hasn’t grown much so I’m interested to see what next week brings.

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