{Chris’s Corner} Being Engaged


chris-cornerOften times guys build up in their mind this idea that being engaged is comparable to putting on this invisible leash that their partner has firmly tucked into the palm of their hand and is ever so ready to yank it at any unforeseen moment. I am here to tell you it is nothing like that! Desiree and I have been engaged for just about as long as we have known each other. While that may seem out of the ordinary or unorthodox, we have grown far closer to one another than if we would have just started dating after the show finale.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Chris – how can you make such a bold statement? You went from dating on a reality show to getting engaged right away!”

Well, I’ve been in many relationships over the last ten years and no other relationship challenged me this way, made me appreciate the other person this much or pushed me to be a better person than the one I am in now with Desiree and for that I know she is the one for me. Sometimes you just know! Sometimes it take a reality dating TV show to find that special person for you.

Being engaged is beautiful. I know that I get to see the person I love everyday for the rest of my life. Being engaged means I get to come home after a hard day at work, hang out with my soon to be wife and forget all of the issues that occurred that day. Being engaged means I am responsible for the well being of another person. Being engaged means that I now know that I am not the most important person in my life, but rather my fiance is and I am her support system just as much as she is mine.

So instead of having a leash around my neck, I am preparing myself to have a ring around my finger that represents something far greater than solitary confinement. It represents the unity of two people coming together, building each other up and never letting go or giving up on one another when times get tough. It is infinite and it is pure.

That is what being engaged is all about.


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