‘The Bachelor’ Fashion Recap {Episode 5}


Well, I’m not quite sure where to start. Maybe with the elephant in the room surrounding Monday night’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’. I think that whatever happened in the ocean between Clare and Juan Pablo is a mystery that we all would love to know. However, I’m not going to speculate because whatever happened, whether it be nothing at all,  the truth always finds its way out. Now onto the fabulous fashion of Juan’s leading ladies.

vietnam-1391210074I really loved the blue and purple colors of Renee’s custom made dress. Also since that is what I do, I love the fact that it was custom made and fit to her. She looked great in it!

bach2Nothing really stood out to me at the group date except for of course the skinny dip in the ocean and Sharleen’s backless dress! I am a sucker for all things backless so that is why I also loved the back of Nikki’s shirt.  Her side braid with headband was well put together but still carefree for an adventurous date that I absolutely adored! bachNow to the rose ceremony of all rose ceremonies. Clare looked great in her bright orange fitted dress and if it wasn’t for Juan’s regrets, he may have taken her up on another offer to head to the ocean. I actually own this same dress in ivory by Nightcap and love the stretch to it!

ClareIt seemed like blue was a running theme among the ladies but I’m not complaining, I did like the vibrant hues for the beautiful setting of Vietnam.bach3

Best quote of the night comes from Nikki, “So either I live, or I die, or I poop my pants.”





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