{Wedding} Terra & Amyn


A 2-day celebration of life and love with friends and family. Doesn’t that sound amazing!? Terra and Amyn’s Indian ceremony was mesmerizing in all of its color and culture, while their traditional vows sealed their wedding celebrations. For the first ceremony, also known as the Mandvo in Indian tradition, the bride started her day early with 8 hours of Mehndi before her and Amyn received blessings from their families.


In tradition, friends of the bride and groom perform a dance telling the story of the bride and groom. Their bridal party practiced for weeks to get it right. I want to have my bridal party put on a dance! Sounds awesome.
p464856766-4Family and friends fed the couple sweets for a pleasant marriage, threw rice on them to wish upon blessings of a large family, and gave money as a wish for a prosperous marriage.p1007348888-4amyn7


Day 2: It was important for Terra and Amyn to combine both of their cultures as much as possible for their ceremony and did so by infusing Italian and Indian food while mixing genres of music.

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One of Terra’s favorite moments was the non-first look/ first look where they held hands between a wall prior to the ceremony. Not seeing each other before the ceremony made walking down the aisle even more special for her.

Another favorite moment for the bride was the father- daughter dance she shared with her father. Terra recalls of that moment, “Our dance was actually the only moment I had dreamed of as a little girl when thinking about what my wedding would be like.” The song they danced to was the song he used to sing to her before she went to bed, ‘Hey There’ from the Pajama Game, and was performed by two of their oldest family friends.


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