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I have moved quite a bit in my days, first with my family when I was younger and then afterwards living on my own. I have lived in Wyoming, Indiana, 3 different cities in Colorado and 3 different cities in California. It’s not that we or I never wanted to settle down, it’s that not having roots in a certain place allows the natural ability to move without inhibition. For that reason, my home has always been wherever my heart is. Seattle is the location but with Chris is where my home is now and I am loving it here in Washington with him.


We moved into a new place together so that we could start fresh and make this place our home. While putting together our place, I found amazing pillows and an awesome painting from an adorable online shop called Lulu & Georgia. The right wall art and decor can really set the mood and these items make me feel even more at home everyday. I love sharing my finds!.. so be sure to get the offer from Lulu & Georgia at the bottom of this page.


This Lulu & Georgia Calm before the Storm Art painting reminds me of the ocean, and I love the tranquility it brings into our living room. To keep the blue scheme interesting, I added some yellow with a pillow, some pink flowers, and a blue & grey printed pillow that I also got from Lulu & Georgia to go with the painting.


Chris actually made this bookcase himself and love this Acrobat Pillow!



It’s fun to see a map of the U.S. when we first walk in. Reminds us of where we come from but also of our friends that live in other states.


Love Birds! I love different patterns and colors mixed together so that is why I love these paintings so much and paired it with dotted and patterned pillows on our bed.


Our conch shell is a special item to us since we brought it back with us from our trip to Antigua, where Chris proposed.


The first poem that Chris ever wrote me sits on my nightstand and I absolutely love it. <3


These Spotted Ikat Pillows are the best!


To get the same pillows and painting or anything else you love, check out LuluandGeorgia.com and receive 20% off with CODE: DESIREEHARTSOCK20, expires one week from today.

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