Get ‘Toned Up’


Need some motivation to get off the couch and get in shape! Two words: Karena and Katrina. These fabulous, no-holds-barred ladies will get your butt into shape with their killer techniques and not to mention that just looking at them will make you want to run a mile…or two. Karena and Katrina are the beautiful faces of the new series ‘Toned up’ on Bravo and what a series it has already been. From their day to day lives of making fitness videos and scoping out men for Karena, to their career as trainers and building their brand, these women are a force to be reckoned with and will keep you coming back for more. More exercise that is.feature-joinTIUB0924Aside from being fun to watch, these best friends and business partners have established themselves as a go to source in the fitness and health community with their website Tone It up is a community filled with fitness tips, videos, nutrition, and targeted regimens to reach your fitness goals.
TIUB1312Watch Karena and Katrina kick butt and take over Southern California with their charisma and charm tonight on Bravo at 10:30 PST. You won’t regret it!

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