Elite Fitness {Training}


With many years of playing sports and trying every new exercise fad available I always thought I knew how to get the best results from working out on my own.  I quickly discovered that I was wrong all of those years. In order to challenge myself and actually wake up to go work out, I knew that I needed more motivation than bikini season still a few months away.  Elite Fitness has been such a great motivation and inspiration for me to see working out and challenging my strength as a way of life and not just as a quick fix. elite2

I not only want to look the best I can for my wedding day but I want to FEEL great everyday of the year and that is exactly what training with someone can do. Busy schedules and obligations definitely can get in the way of working out but having others to keep us accountable is a huge step in reaching our fitness goals, and gearing us up with skills needed to do it on our own. Chris and I both enjoy working out which helps us both stay active.  Grab a friend or partner and set a goal so that you both can be a support for each other.

The moves below are great for new brides looking to tone up their arms. Try it out and feel the difference. fit* Start with a weight that you feel comfortable with and increase weight each time you do this workout for better results. Hold the bar straight out in front of you with an overhand grip and hands about 4″ apart.  Slowly raise the bar towards your forehead by bending  your elbows but keeping them in the same position. Slowly lift bar up in opposing motion to target triceps until bar is straight in front of you. Repeat for 15-25 reps

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