‘The Bachelor’ Fashion & Doppelgängers {Episode 2}


The dates this week on ‘The Bachelor’ were romance filled and electrifying. The electric run was my favorite of the night and seemed like a blast! It made me want to go put on some glow-in-the-dark accessories and dance around my living room. Chris was feeling it too and wanted to join me. bachelor_6

There were only a few dresses last night at the rose ceremony that caught my eye.

* Alli’s white studded dress

*Chelsie’s light blue, long sleeve lace dress

* The back detail of Renee’s dress

There are definitely some uncanny celebrity doppelgängers in the bunch though that I would like to point out. Check them out below.

Renee and Jennifer Anistonrenee

Andi and Nina Dobrevandi

Alli and Eva Mendesalison

Cassandra and Natalie Portmancass

Clare and Julie Benzclare

Kat and Heather Grahamkat

Kelly and Amy Adamsred


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