The Power of a Grateful Heart


I have only met Trista once, but it only takes one meet and greet to fall in love with her sweet and welcoming personality. She is known as the “godmother”  of The Bachelor franchise to many but she is also a mother of two and a wife to the man who won her heart on the first season of The Bachelorette, Ryan Sutter. Trista’s optimism and passion for life is an inspiration for all and her new book “Happily Ever After” will inspire you to see each day with a different perspective.  From her own experience to related research, this book with take you on a journey of what it means to have a grateful heart and how that can lead to happiness.


Her intention for the book is so sincere and I’m grateful for an honest book that can encourage others. She states, “It took 2 years and lots of sacrifice (and HELP from Ryan, friends, and my in laws to watch the kids!), but I am so proud of it and hope that people will pick it up even if they think that I couldn’t possibly write something they could be interested in.  They may just be surprised…and inspired…and happier.”

What encouraged Trista to write this book: “I just wanted to share my stories, and those that have inspired me, with a bunch of quotes and research that hopefully will get people to believe that if they embrace a grateful heart, they will live a happier life.” You can purchase “Happily Ever After” by Trista Sutter Here. Along with her book, Trista partnered up with Gloryhaus to create the Grateful Heart Collection that is made up of inspirational picture frames and prints to remind us daily the importance of a grateful heart. You can find these and more at


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