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The holidays have come and gone and with that brings a refreshing new start to finally accomplish all of the resolutions you set for yourself. Whether that is to get fit, stop biting your nails, learn to speak Mandarin or to watch your dessert intake, motivation is your only key. To start the new year off right, I would like to share my experience with The Bar Method and the reason why it works to improve posture and give you the butt lift you always dreamed of.

Des & Lindzi // The Bar Method

When I first thought about trying Bar Method, I thought how hard could it really be? I was a skeptic because I played competitive volleyball all my life, worked out on a consistent basis and felt that I was athletic enough to get by on a breeze in a bar class. Unfortunately that breeze was more like a tornado and I was a poor little tree that couldn’t find its balance. I found out quickly how challenging the techniques really are and that I had a lot to work towards. Although I was new and it was obvious I had no idea what I was doing, the instructors were so helpful and comforting that I never felt out of place.

Des & Lindzi // The Bar Method

Des & Lindzi // The Bar Method

Des & Lindzi // The Bar Method

I have been going to Bar Method for about 4 months now and can honestly say that even in that short amount of time it has done wonders to my body. The results will keep you coming back for more as long as you can accept the challenge!  Bar Method is a butt lift in a bottle and will be the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals this year!

Hear it from Bev Currier, an owner of The Bar Method- Seattle

What sets Bar Method apart from any other work out regimen?

The Bar Method is an efficient, transformative workout. This 60-minute class delivers cardio, strength training, and flexibility. The unique combination of intense muscle work followed by active stretching molds a lean, dancer-like body. The Bar Method technique was devised in collaboration with physical therapists to protect joints and effectively target muscled. It is done in a group exercise setting and has the feeling of a one-on-one personal training session; Bar Method instructors are trained to provide personalized attention to each client, while instructing and motivation the class as a whole, leaving students feeling stronger, more flexible, mentally and physically empowered.

Check it out for yourself:

Complimentary first class and to find a Bar Method near you.

Bar Method Bridal Package: $150 a month for unlimited classes for 6 consecutive months. Get in shape for the “Big” day!


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