Engagement Photos to LOVE


Engagement photos always make me smile so why not brighten your day today with some sweet couples sharing their love! All of these photos make me excited to take some of our own! There are so many directions to take when planning engagement photos so it’s wise to choose a location that speaks to your personalities and where you will feel most comfortable to let the camera get those adorable candid shots. It is also incredible what a photographer can do to really enhance your photos and bring out the love and charm. I love how Jodi Grandholm’s photos feel as though the pictures are a surprise for the couple and catches them being themselves.

Another direction you can take with your engagment photos is to glam it up a bit and make it a fancy occassion that will give guests an idea of what to expect for the wedding. Andria Lindquist does an incredible job at making engagment pictures elegant and timeless. She will almost always take daytime and nighttime photos to offer a variety of scenery and choices for the couple. Some of these photos make me want to get dressed up and run around town.

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