What to Ask For on your Registry?


Items shown from Crate&Barrel.

Choosing the right items to put on your registry can be daunting since you don't want to come off as being greedy or asking too much of your guests. At the same time you do want to choose items you need regardless of the price, and keep in mind that not one guest is going to take the responsibility of filling all of your items listed. The registry is your playground so feel free to ask for anything and everything you need. Wedding gifts no longer have a stigma or tradition to them that they once had.  Many couples are using un-conventional ways to register what they need by asking for gifts and money donations that will help fund their honeymoon or new home purchase through online registries such as myregistry.comdepositagift.com or honeyfund.com.

Try to include an equal number of lower cost items and mid-range items along with a small grouping of more expensive items so that guests can choose what direction they would like to go and don't feel overwhelmed with what to buy. Be sure to have an idea of the items you NEED for your new place together before you register all the items you WANT. Your guests want to feel they are buying you something that you will use and want to make it personal.  Your friends and family want to come over for a dinner party and see the wine glasses or kitchenware they bought you, knowing that you are using it.

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