Playing Dress Up with Luly Yang


If you don't know Luly Yang yet, then you need to check her out now! Luly Yang is a couture wedding gown and evening dress designer located in the heart of Seattle. I had the rare opportunity to meet with Luly at her beautiful bridal studio where we chatted about all things bridal and design. Afterwards, I became a stand in model for her as she dressed me in a few of her fabulous evening gowns. 

It was so great meeting Luly and hearing how she has created her own brand and name for herself in the bridal industry. She is an inspiration for anyone including myself, who is looking to do the same and create stunning bridal collections season after season. 

Luly showcased her new collection at Urban Unveiled last night and it was a wonderful show to watch. The evening dresses and wedding gowns were perfectly placed one after the other and created a cohesive image throughout. 

Chris and I had a great time checking out the different wedding vendors as well as getting dolled up for the night. Luly's red mini dress with feathers on the skirt was such a fun dress to wear! 

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