I think one of the best things about being engaged and planning a wedding is the opportunity to wear white dresses for every single wedding occasion that is catered for you and your hunny. I mean when else do you have a chance to wear pretty dresses, especially in the color white? Not at your friend’s wedding, that’s for sure.

Try these white dresses out for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or hey even your bachelorette party. It’s your wedding and you can wear what you want to. I just think it’s fun to wear white.

Mountain Weddings are perfect for any time of the year! Cozy up in a cabin by the fire during the Winter or take your celebrations outside to enjoy the scenery in the Summer! Decor is a cinch because you can use tons of natural elements to blend with the setting! Enjoy this inspiration to make your Mountain wedding amazing!

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Courtesy of Inspired By This Blog.

1.) Event Planning by A Day in May Events, Photo by Jen Kroll Photography // 2.) Stationery by 21twelve Designs, Photo by Julie Williams Photography // 3.) Event Design by Couture Events, Photo by Sean Walker Photography // 4.) Photo by Bello Romance Photography // 5.) Headpiece by My Olivia Nelson, Photo by Jasmine Star Photography // 6.) Photo by Isabel Lawrence Photographers  // 7.) Event Design by Shannon Leahy Events, Photo by Anna Kuperberg Photography // 8.) Photo by Caroline Tran Photography // 9.) Photo by Studio EMP // 10.) Event Planning by Red Letter Event Planning, Photo by Matt Shumate Photography // 11.) Event Design by One Fine Day Events, Photo by Carrie Richards Photography

Black and white items are staples in our closets and look nice in any season and in any weather. Why not stock up on black and white to pair in all sorts of ways! Check out some of my favorites!